My research expertise and interests include Economic Growth, Economic Development, Applied Economic Analysis (Macro-modeling), and Institutional Economics. The main areas, in particular, focus on foreign capital flows (i.e. foreign direct investment and foreign aid) and economic growth, globalization and growth, aid-growth nexus (fiscal response), dimensions of conflict, governance and institutions in economic development, pro-poor policies, socio-economic development issues, democracy-economic freedom and growth, savings-investment and financial development, and equine industry.

My applied research projects include above-mentioned interests to various developing countries in the Asia-Pacific Regions, namely South East Asian and South Asian countries (Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Cambodia, Lao, PDR, Vietnam), South Pacific Island Nations (Cook Island, Niue, Fiji, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Tokelau, Vanuatu) and Sub-Saharan Africa, and the determinants of economic growth and in Australia and New Zealand.

Some of my awards and fellowships include SMUTS Fellowship at Cambridge University (UK); Visiting Fellow, Australian National University, National Centre for Development Studies; Visiting Fellowships 2005 – Lund University, Department of Economic History (Sweden), University of East Anglia (UK), Institute of Economic Research (UK). Excellence in Research Prize, College of Business, Massey University – Emerging Researcher Award 1999. Nominated for Prize – Dae-Yang Prize in Economics, Journal of Economic Integration, 2002.

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