New Zealand with a vibrant policy-relevant macroeconomic discourse and a policy-academic collaboration that facilitates better outcomes for New Zealand and its partners.


The New Zealand Centre for Macroeconomics will provide a hub to advance research in macroeconomics by bringing together researchers in academic and policy institutions to work on policy-oriented projects of international, national and regional macroeconomics.


  1. Provide a hub for interaction of academic researchers as well as policymakers
  2. Invite prominent international scholars to visit and address issues of concern to NZ
  3. Increase research productivity
  4. Establish a working paper series to promote and make accessible macroeconomics research
  5. Build capacity by training macroeconomists
  6. Increase the quantity and quality of postgraduate economics students
  7. Develop employment prospects for postgraduate students.


The New Zealand Centre for Macroeconomics is directed by Prof. Martin Berka at Massey University.

Board of Advisors

Professor Girol Karacaoglu
Professor Ted Zorn

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